Autopsy Results of Gov’t Minister’s Son Revealed

Mickail ‘Mitch’ Liburd

By: Drizel Hanley

BASSETRRE, St.Kitts (Thursday 6th September 2018)-An autopsy performed on the body of Mikhail ‘Mitch’ Liburd by Forensic Pathologist Dr. Valery Alexandrov concluded that the cause of death was due to multiple gunshot wounds to the body.

According to reports the deceased young man, son of Public Utilities Minister Ian ‘Patches’ Liburd, was reportedly visiting someone at Pine Gardens on Monday 27th August at about 10:15 PM when three armed men came out of the nearby bushes and opened fire on him shooting him multiple times about the body as he was getting out of the vehicle.

Police enquiries revealed that he ran a short distance then fell. He succumbed to his injuries at the scene.

Police have appealed to the public to contact the Violent Crimes Unit at 467-1887/1888 or 662-3468 or their nearest Police Station with any information they might have regarding this matter.

Photo: Mikhail ‘Mitch’ Liburd