In last Wednesday’s edition of ‘Issues’ carried live over Freedom Radio FM and KYSS FM, our party Chairperson Comrade Marcella Liburd quite ably made the case that the people of St. Kitts and Nevis have been betrayed in a most awful way by those now in government.

This lot have attracted to themselves names such as UNITIM and TUG. Earlier this year, they were rebranded, even more accurately, with the title ‘SCHEME UNITY’, a name which truly says everything that there is to know about them.

Almost from the moment that they entered into government persons began to have second thoughts about them. In short order, they have given added meaning to the expression ‘Judases’.

As our Comrade Chairperson pointed out, all over the nation our people, both those who bought the ‘bag of goods’ which Scheme Unity sold them before the 2015 general elections, as well as those who did not, are wringing their hands, weeping bitterly, shedding tears of sorrow, and daily praying for relief.

Everywhere that one turns the lamentations ring out. There are fewer and fewer jobs to be had. Business opportunities are evaporating. Programmes such as PEP are being phased out, often in some most cruel and devilish ways. The money in circulation has been drying up for quite some time now. Manufacturing has decreased, and the turnover at our commercial businesses, large and small, has shrunken very significantly.

The number of persons who are now out of work would cause any normal, caring, loving and well-meant human being to sit up, take stock, and immediately set about taking steps to remedy the situation. But, very unfortunately for all of us, those who are now in office are devoid of such virtues, qualities and feelings.

But the UNITIM lot could not care less. What ‘people’ are you telling them about? ‘The people’ are not their concern, they exist only to put them in office, to keep them in office, and to stroke their egos whenever they feel the need for such stroking, which is almost always, namely all day every day.

Meanwhile their bank accounts have swollen to unimaginable levels, and continue to do so on a daily basis. Unable to perform in government, they quite early on took to going abroad as frequently as possible, and to staying abroad for as long they could. There are even instances in which several of them have been travelling out, supposedly to ‘attend’ meetings which they knew in advance had been re-scheduled or even cancelled all together.