On November 22, 2022, the Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College (CFBC) held its 34th Commencement Ceremony which saw 246 students from across the five faculties graduating. Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Education the Hon. Dr. Geoffrey Hanley gave congratulatory remarks to the graduands.
“On my own behalf and that of my colleagues in the Ministry of Education, let me extend sincere congratulations to you and your families. The immense pleasure is mine to address you on this auspicious occasion. Commencement provides a unique lens from which to view one’s progress along with academic and professional achievement. I wholeheartedly subscribe to the ideals of the Ministry of Education’s vision and therefore view learning as a lifelong process…You would have completed diploma courses, and associate and bachelor’s degrees, the question is what’s next? Some of you have positioned yourselves to continue your educational journey, while others are poised to enter the world of work. Whatever your next step, I urge you to be the best you, the most productive you,” said Minister Dr. Hanley.
The Division of Arts, Sciences and General Studies at the CFBC accounted for a large number of graduates with 34 students receiving associate degrees, 55 students awarded diplomas, and two students bestowed general certificates. Minister Dr. Hanley also urged graduates to put the qualifications earned and skills learned to good use in making a positive contribution to society.
“You have acquired new knowledge and professional growth that enhance your qualifications. Put those qualifications to good use…you leave these hallowed walls with a broadened perspective that can enrich both your personal and professional life. Graduates, today’s events signify a culmination of years of sacrifice, hard work and discipline and we join with you to celebrate this milestone on your journey of success,” said Minister Dr. Hanley.
The mission of CFBC is to foster the development of responsible self-sufficient citizens by delivering a range of academic, professional and vocational courses and programmes that reflect high values and standards and which prepare students to make lifelong contributions to their communities.